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Raidon Tactics Inc. offers Premier training services for the Physical Threat, Digital threats, and Medical threats for any organization that needs it. Our top-notch courses are offered to the Military, Law Enforcement, Corporate Security Firms as well as the general public.


 Since 2008 we have been teaching these skills to some of the best in the industry for years. Revolutionary thinking equates to evolutionary training, and at Raidon Tactics Inc. you get both. Raidon Tactics Inc. will prepare you for the “real” world, by maintaining a working relationship with your organization and providing a plan to evolve your skills to a changing world and situation.

The skillset of our staff is unmatched and carries over 100 years of Special Operations Experience. Our staff have instructed all over the world. Our staff works one on one with clients to ensure that they are receiving and retaining the skills needed to outperform the opposition. We believe that training is perishable, no matter what task it is. Our Special Forces (Green Berets) Instructors taught other Green Berets the tactical Skills needed to survive in combat while they were on active duty. 

By using Raidon Tactics Inc, Mobile Training Team (MTT) you save per diem and travel costs and that allows more training. We are Master Trainers. If course attendees do not show an overall marked improvement in combat skills, you get your money back. Guaranteed.


Raidon Tactics Inc. has the best training available in the NC area. All Primary instructors are former Special Forces soldiers (Green Berets) that were assigned at the US Army Special Forces Training Group. As Primary Instructors. Each instructor is hand-picked for his expertise in the core tactical skills. There is no other company that offers its customers the skills that are comparable to Raidon Tactics Inc.

The history of Raidon Tactics started in 2008 training US Special Operations Soldiers the tactical Skills needed to survive the Battlefield in small autonomous units. 

In 2010 we were on the ground in Haiti while the earthquake destroyed Port-A-Prince. In Hours we had more men on the ground than the US Army did. Setting up Logistical and security networks that kept CBS, NBC, NGO's and Other Disaster relief organizations safe. 

Since then we have built a reputation in small Special Operations Tier 1 Units as the best for survivability and training skills needed by Lone Operators and Operatives doing their job in the most hostile environments in the world. 

Our lists of clients include all branches of the US Special Operations Command, Iraqi Counter Terrorism Units, Afghanistan Counter Terrorism units, Philippine Counter-terrorism units, many civilians,  corporate entities, and LEO organizations.

We have developed programs of training for national-level training organizations such as DHS firearms instructors. We work closely with religious organizations for their security and safety and have set up worldwide security plans for multinational companies with employees all over the globe.

We are not a company that trains thousands of students per year, we train small classes and make sure our students are actually learning the skills needed to survive. If your unit deploys with more than ten people at a time then we are not the company for you. If your unit or agency is small and deploys in small teams or single operative missions then we are what you need to train on the skills you need the most.  We concentrate on individual skills for the individual to use in the real world when they need them.  


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